A Look Back at 3M Window Film in 2019

While sunny year-round, the Sunshine State can be hot. In fact, from June through September, the average high temperature in Miami can range from 89 to 91 degrees. The temperature within a vehicle can be even higher.

In 1966, 3M received the first sun control window film patent, designed to cut the heat within automobiles. Since then, the company’s innovative window tint film products have provided protection from the sun’s harmful rays for automotive owners, homeowners and business owners throughout the globe.

In 2019, 3M made some exciting announcements, including the launch of a ceramic window film, the launch of a new software program and partnering with Ferrari Club of America.

What You Need to Know About Window Tinting

Known for its science, innovation and technology, 3M is the world’s leader in adhesive technology. The company designs its window film to help improve comfort, protect vehicle interiors and block harmful UV rays.

Auto tint is designed to reduce heat and allow your vehicle to cool down faster. 3M™ Window Films have proven to reduce heat by rejecting as much as 60 percent of the solar energy coming in through a vehicle’s windows.

Protect your skin, while driving, with window tint film. According to The Archives of Dermatology, dangerous radiation from the sun is associated with about 90 percent of all skin cancers. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends automotive window film as an effective UF protectant – providing up to 1,000 SPF. UV rays also can cause damage to your car’s interior, including fading fabrics, cracking leather and warping plastics. 3M’s auto tints have proven to block up to 99 percent of these harmful rays.

Introducing 3M’s New Ceramic Auto Tint

In 2019, 3M released a new window film series – the 3M™ Automotive Window Film, Ceramic IR Series. The film was developed with nano-ceramic technology that provides a high level of infrared rejection – up to 95 percent. This provides optimal thermal comfort and reduces the feel of the sun on your skin.

The Ceramic IR series auto tint provides advanced protection. The film can reduce up to 93 percent of glare from the sun and provides low visible light reflectivity and no mirror-like appearance to disrupt your view out. Blocking 99.9 percent of UV light, the Ceramic IR Series provides up to 1,000 SPF protection – which is significant protection from harmful UV rays on your skin and car interior.

The Ceramic IR Series also is built for today’s changing technology. With a metal-free design, the film will not interfere with electronics, GPS, satellite radio or mobile devices, including 5G connection.

The Ceramic IR Series is backed by a limited lifetime warranty, one of the most comprehensive warranties you can get, when it is installed by a professional, such as High End Detail in Miami.

Car Window Tinting and Clear Bra Now Fit to Perfection

3M also released in 2019 a new software program that ensures that window film and paint protection film will fit your vehicle perfectly. The 3M™ Pattern and Solutions Center added more than 500 new paint protection film patterns and more than 1,200 window film patterns within the last 18 months, including more than 119 full-vehicle patterns for PPF.

This means that companies like High End Detail are able to provide precision fit film on vehicles that has been cut to precise measurements. 3M also incorporates technology to ensure less waste in auto film.

In fact, 3M is so confident in the precision fit of its clear bra patterns that the company offers a satisfaction guarantee to fully reimburse the film cost if a pattern does not fully meet fitting expectations. This means that customers of High End Detail are covered by one of the world’s most trusted brands.

3M Partners with Ferrari Club of America

In 2019, 3M also formed a strategic partnership with the Ferrari Club of America. 3M is the exclusive brand of the Ferrari Club and was featured prominently at the Annual Experience in Arizona in November.

“We’re very excited to join forces with the Ferrari Club of America,” said Bill Hibbard, 3M National Window Film Business Manager, in a 3M company release. “We know that our customers value high-performing products and that’s why our powerful and inspirational brands align so well.”

We, at High End Detail, are truly excited about 3M’s announcements made last year. If you are in South Florida, we hope you’ll consider stopping by our shop at High End Detail for a free estimate of window tinting prices or to speak to one of our knowledgeable staff members. For those of you outside the Miami/Dade area, 3M offers an online directory to search for window film dealers in your own community.

For more information, contact us at (786) 370-7838. Learn more about us at HighEndDetail.com.


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