3D Pink Car Soap

A high foaming, super slick soap that leaves no gloss enhancers behind.



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  • A mild shampoo that cleans the dirtiest of surfaces without stripping your wax.
  • Works great in a bucket, foam gun, or lance.
  • No gloss enhancers, perfect when getting ready to polish or wax your car.
  • Concentrated: Dilute 1 oz. per gallon of water.

3D’s Pink Car Soap is a super-concentrated, mild car shampoo designed to gently lift away dirt and grime safely without stripping your wax. It works great with foam guns or lances, traditional bucket washing, or even in specialty hand car wash applications. Its thick, gel-like composition produces a ton of suds that do not dissipate like other soaps on the market. These suds are extra slick, reducing surface marring on even the dirtiest of surfaces.

Pink Car Soap is the perfect soap to use when getting a car ready to polish. Pink Car Soap rinses completely away, so there is no gloss enhancing additives left behind that can interfere with polishing or with the bonding of your favorite wax or sealant.
Although Pink Car Soap is powerful enough to clean even the dirtiest of cars, it will not dry out your skin.
Dilution: 1 oz. per gallon of water
Size: 16 oz.


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