HD Exterior Detail & Paint Correction

For all your exterior paint surfaces

One of our flagship services

It includes everything in the HD Exterior Detail package with one key difference.

Right after the claying process is complete and the paint is decontaminated, we perform a single stage paint correction process for all the exterior paint surfaces of your vehicle.

This level of paint correction will remove up to 70% of the micro scratches, paint swirls and damaged clear coat areas. To determine the level of damage, we put the vehicle under our proprietary studio lamps and also utilize specialized multi-colored, multi-spectrum lamps that reveal any damage beyond the visible light spectrum. In other words, it allows us to actually see the damage and deterioration of the paint not visible to the naked eye.

This is crucial because we can detect the true representation of the color of the vehicle and allows us to actually see the damage that’s commonly masked by ambient and traditional lighting.

Once we have worked on the surface and have completed the paint correction process, we proceed to carefully applying our polymer sealant that will protect your new paint finish. Many customers choose to take it to the next level and apply the professional ceramic coating protection at this point.

After your paint has been rejuvenated, we apply a premium carnauba wax to provide protection from the elements. This natural wax leaves an even slicker feeling on the surface, while acting as a sacrificial barrier for an average of 6-8 weeks. After this time, we strongly recommend re-applying.

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Our HD Exterior Detail + Paint Correction service is a labor-intensive process that takes a minimum of two days for a standard vehicle. If you want it done right, you have to take the time.

We’d prefer you make an appointment for an evaluation and walk through. There is absolutely no hard selling or compromise. Come see what your vehicle looks like under the lights and evaluate its condition. We’ll give you a complimentary professional estimate.

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