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High End Detail was founded by Josue Recinos in Miami, FL in 2013. He started detailing cars from his van as a mobile detail service. Passionate, determined and hardworking, he honed and perfected his craft and kept impressing his clients with his attention to detail and quality work. 

One customer at a time, one detail job at a time, he built his business from the ground up to the point that it was time to get a physical shop. It was a big leap at the time, but he set up his home base in the Kendall Tamiami airport area and the sacrifice and the results speak for themselves.

From the beginning, Josue was a stickler about even the most minuscule aspect of the business. The warehouse was painted and carefully prepared with rubber flooring and the most important feature was installed, the proprietary 360 light array that allows our detailers to see every spot from every angle on the vehicles we are working on, which is especially useful when working on paint correction projects.

The studio has evolved to become a social media sensation, where cars are lining up to be showcased.


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