HD Window Tinting

Specialized and Customized window tinting services

With over 150 sunny days in Florida, window tinting is not a luxury, it’s practically a necessity.

At High End Detail, we offer specialized and customized window tinting services using the latest technologies and techniques. We have a professional team dedicated just to tinting installation. They are trained, certified and meticulous. That’s why we can guarantee each window tinting job with our Iron-clad guarantee not to peel, bubble, turns purple or crack.

A truly custom job

Whether you want all the windows the same color or the rear windows darker than the front windows, we can walk you through selecting the best matching color for your vehicle. We have a computerized software with that allows us to digitally cut the perfect  shape, no matter the vehicle you bring to us.

Our Films

As a LLumar® SelectPro™ dealer we use the latest engineered films that not only have various levels of heath-fighting power but come in ranges of shades so you can fine-tine the look of your vehicle the way you like.

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A common misconception is that only dark films reject heat, but that isn’t the case anymore! We carry LLumar AIR series a clear window tint that is designed to maintain high visibility all rejecting up to 86% of solar energy with 99% Ultraviolent Protection while keeping you cooler and protected without having the look of tinted windows.


The last thing you want while driving is distracting glare from the sun. Our window tint helps reduce the harsh glare up to 94% that irritates eyes on bright, sunny Florida day.


The window films that we carry and install are non-metallized, this means that it won’t block or interfere with the signal on your cell phone, GPS, radio reception or electronic devices.


We only use LLumar® FormulaOne premium films that have excellent durability and heat rejection properties. Our tints reject up to 97% of infrared rays, which are the ones that produce heat. It’s amazing how big of a difference it can make.

Find out all of the benefits of LLumar® window film here!


Our custom window tinting jobs are backed by our Iron-clad guarantee to be free from installation defects in addition to the lifetime warranty of the window film from LLumar®. It is one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry.


Our films also block harmful UV rays by blocking 99% ultraviolet rays, providing a Sun Protection Factor or (SPF) of 1000 inside your vehicle for you and your family. This not only protects your exposure to unsafe sun rays, it also keeps the interior of your vehicle looking like new since it’s not exposed to the fading properties of the sun.


Our prices are very reasonable but as with all custom installation jobs, we need to inspect your vehicle before we give you pricing. As you can understand, our pricing is final, and we won’t charge you extra, even if we encounter any issues, that’s why it is crucial to do a walk over.

We can have one of our inspectors walk your through our different window tinting options once you’ve stopped by our shop.

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