7 Reasons to Install Clear Bra

Josue Recinos

Josue Recinos


Our vehicles are important to us and so is taking care of them. Just as you would change the oil, check the fluids and ensure the tires have air to ensure the longevity of the mechanical life of your vehicle, you can also protect the surface paint and the exterior look of your vehicle using paint protection film, or clear bra.

There are seven reasons why you should add Xpel Paint Protection Film to your vehicle. Clear bra helps protect your resale value, provides a thick layer of protection, is resistant to most chemicals, intensifies the look of the paint, is backed by a strong warranty and can be installed on the entire vehicle or on high traffic areas.

Reason 1: Protect Your Vehicle’s Resale Value with Clear Bra

Car Paint Protection Film

Your vehicle is an investment. However, Carfax reports that vehicles can lose more than 10 percent of their value during the first month after leaving the dealership. After the first 12 months of ownership, a car can drop by more than 20 percent of its value. Xpel clear bra can protect your financial investment from depreciation over time.

There are many tips a vehicle owner can do to preserve a vehicle’s resale value, including washing your vehicle regularly. However, we at High End Detail in South Florida, also recommend adding Xpel clear bra to ensure the paint is protected from rock chips, scratches, bug splatter, road debris and more.

In addition, Xpel has partnered with Carfax. When Xpel Paint Protection Film is installed on your vehicle, its Carfax report is updated to reflect the installation. This means future car purchasers will see that your vehicle was protected with a product manufactured by a household trusted brand name.

Reason 2: Adding a Heavy Blanket with Paint Protection Film

Car Clear Bra

 Xpel’s top-of-the-line clear bra, is made of an 8 mil polyurethane film that is reinforced with a clear coat of hard-wearing urethane. What does that mean? 8 mil is thick. Really thick.

To put this in perspective, your vehicle’s paint is made up of the following three layers: primer, base coat and clear coat. These three layers are about 4 to 5 mil thick. With Xpel clear bra, these three layers are then covered with an additional 8 mil film! That is a heavy blanket that you are laying on top of your paint to shield it from harsh outdoor weathering.

Reason 3: Self-Healing Properties of Xpel Clear Bra

3M Paint Protection FIlm

Paint Protection Film incorporates self-healing technology that allows minor scratches to the surface to disappear.

Imagine driving down an interstate and a shell rock flies out of the pickup truck in front of you. Without clear auto bra, you might have a scratch where the rock impacted your paint. However, if you have your vehicle covered with car paint protection film, that rock’s damage will slowly dissipate over time because it hit the thick film and not your vehicle. The film is self-healing.


Reason 4: Chemical Resistant Properties of Xpel Paint Protection Film

Those of us in South Florida know all too well what bug splatter can do to a vehicle, especially love bugs every May and September. However, no matter where you are in the country, bugs can be a detriment to your vehicle’s paint. The acidic residue left by bug splatter can damage your paint irrevocably. However, your car paint protection film can also protect you from the acid chemicals found in bug residue.

It’s important to note that Xpel clear paint protection film does not completely protect you from bug residue.  Overtime, the acid from the bugs can still eat at your car’s surface. Xpel Paint Protection Film  does not require special care and can be washed and waxed as usual. But the added clear bra layer of protection certainly helps protect your paint from bugs initially.

Reason 5: Clear Bra Can Intensify the Paint Color

Paint Protection Film

We, at High End Detail, specialize in car detailing to optimize your paint performance. There is no doubt that clear bra installation will enhance the look of your freshly detailed car.

Xpel ultimate Paint Protection Films, manufactured by Xpel, is designed to preserve the color and protect your vehicle from swirl marks and light scratches. The 8 mil polyurethane film is reinforced with a clear coat of hard-wearing urethane that provides additional protection from UV damage. It’s the UV rays that can cause fading of paint over time. Because of this technology, the added clear bra paint protection will keep your vehicle looking new and polished for years.

Reason 6: Xpel Paint Protection Film is Backed by a Strong Brand and Strong Warranty

3M Clear Bra

As the world’s adhesive technology leader, xpel backs its paint protection films (as long as it has been installed by a xpel Certified Installer) with a 10-year warranty, which covers defects including yellowing, bubbling and cracking. This is designed to give you peace of mind.

In addition, some xpel Certified Installers offer additional three to five- year service agreements that can be purchased to further protect your investment.

Reason 7: Various Ways to Protect Against Elements with Car Paint Protection Film

Clear Bra

There are several options within the market for paint protection film. Xpel offers a variety of different films, including xpel ultimate Paint Protection Film, Xpel Stealth Paint Protection Film, and Xpel ultimate black Series. The Xpel ultimate now comes in both a gloss or matte finish.

In addition, you can choose to protect your entire vehicle with clear bra or just high traffic areas, such as door edges, door handle cavities, full or partial hoots, fenders, front bumpers, side mirrors and trunk ledges.

Paint Protection Film Cost is Worth It

According to Chris Brewer in a blog on Carfax website, his brother went on a cross country road trip just after installing paint protection film on his Mazda3. After the trip, the two brothers washed the vehicle and checked the surface. Brewer wrote that the film “looked as good as it did the day they installed it, and the paint underneath was perfect.”

Paint protection film cost can vary from vehicle to vehicle. If you are in South Florida, we hope you’ll consider stopping by our shop at High End Detail for a free estimate. For those of you outside the Miami/Dade area, Xpel offers an online directory to search for paint protection film installers in your own community.

For more information, contact us at (786) 370-7838. Learn more about us at HighEndDetail.com.


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