Car wash tips: Paint protection film & ceramic coating

There is more to take care of after you have fully satisfied yourself with your car’s ceramic coating treatment. Although ceramic coatings add more shine to your vehicle, they also demand increased attention. A vehicle with any paint protection film or ceramic coating requires additional care while washing and cleaning. You have to follow specific car wash tips to make sure that the surface lasts longer. If you have just got your car painted or coated and are clueless about what to do next, do not worry. Below are some of the most useful car wash tips you can follow to take care of your freshly coated beast.
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Car wash tips for paint protection films and ceramic coatings

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There is no doubt in the fact that paint protection films and ceramics are meant to protect your car. However, these shields also need to be cared for so that they can last longer. The most important thing is to let the film or coating cure completely. The worst you could do to these layers is washing or scratching them when they have not dried out thoroughly. Avoid parking the vehicle openly; especially when the weather is overcast and raining since water may weaken the protection if it hasn’t fully cured.
Also, make sure to keep away the natural contaminants like bird’s droppings and tree saps away from your car. Remove them immediately at first glance!

In case your paint protection is not covered with ceramic layers, make sure to use a sealant layer at least. These added layers extend the life of your paint protection film and, in turn, extends the car’s paint protection film life’s time. In case you feel like the coating is wearing Off, contact your installer and schedule a maintenance service.

Most coatings have their proprietary maintenance sealant-booster. Ideally, you’ll want to apply these sealants every six months to keep the coating layer healthy.
Caring for your vehicle in this manner not only extends its life and makes it look great but also upkeeps with the coating’s manufacturer guidelines to keep your warranty valid.

How to wash your car with paint protection and ceramic coating?

While washing any vehicle is a procedure requiring much care, cars with added coatings demand special attention. Always make sure that you do not wash your ceramic coated car too often. It is better to wash it somewhere between 7 to 14 days, depending upon how dirty it gets — getting a professional carwash once a month is also a good idea. In case you use a pressure washer at home, it is best to be extra careful with it. Try to keep a considerable amount of distance (2-3 feet) from the car’s surface while using a pressure washer. It is advisable that you only use the recommended 1500-1700 psi pressure washers. Also, refrain from using any harsh chemicals that you have not had any experience. After you’ve completed with your wash, dry the car using a suitable process rather than leaving it out damp in the open. Use soft, plush, high gsm microfiber towels when drying. Please be gentle when drying; implementing a high power blower to your drying process is also a great idea.

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