Car Window Tinting Tips & Tricks

Car window tinting is an investment in your vehicle that offers numerous benefits and aesthetic enhancements. Therefore, you should study up on how to properly care for your investment. At High End Detail, everything we do is designed to increase the longevity of your car window tinting. However, there are some things you can do to enhance the lifespan of your window tint yourself. 

Properly Cleaning your Car Window Tint

While this process isn’t rocket science, it involves a few simple steps that you must be aware of. The first thing you want to do is wait for your window tint to cure before cleaning anything. The amount of time to properly cure will depend on the specific products used. Typically, this will be anywhere from 7 – 30 days. 

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When you’re ready to start cleaning, make sure you purchase a cleaner that was designed specifically for car tint. The team at High End Detail will recommend a cleaner you can use to keep your windows sparkly while not affecting the tint. Lastly, always use a soft microfiber cloth to avoid scratching or tearing your tint. 

Recommended Cleaning Products For Car Tint

This is a very popular question. We suggest you utilize a smooth solution like dish soap or simply water. When we say smooth, we mean nothing that contains ammonia. That will most certainly cause discoloration and damage your window tint. Add your solution into a spray bottle, douse your windows, and wipe them with your soft microfiber cloth. 

Car Window Tinting Cleaning Tips

  • When you start cleaning your windows, always keep in mind that you want to be delicate. Simply acknowledging this fact will help you do a good job. 
  • Always use warm water. Adding a small drop of your everyday dish soap will be more than enough to keep your windows clean
  • Make sure to purchase a quality microfiber cloth and always wipe your windows in the same direction
  • Avoid using paper towels to clean your tint. They will leave tiny spots of fiber across your window that will prevent your tint from shining. 

Special Note: As you engage in cleaning your tinted windows, make sure you pay special attention to the edges of your window tint. You don’t want to “catch the edge” and cause the film to be lifted. This will speed up the ability of your tint to peel away. 

Improve The Lifespan Of Car Window Tinting By Selecting The Right Tint

The best way to ensure a long-lasting tint job is to select the right tint from the beginning. At High End Detail, we use the XPEL line of products, primarily XPEL XR & XR+. Their products have been rigorously tested and are primarily used on high-end luxury vehicles. This guarantees its ability to perform as a proven, long-lasting product. 

Remember that High End Detail is here to answer any questions that you have. Our team of knowledgeable installers has years of experience in helping clients just like you achieve the car window tinting they need. Talk to you soon!


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