Benefits of ceramic coating your wheels

Josue Recinos

Josue Recinos


Ceramic Coating on Wheels

From Good to Excellent in seconds: Applying Ceramic Coating on wheels rims

You want your car’s wheels to look as new as the day you bought them, don’t you? Unfortunately, a considerable fraction of new wheels goes to waste simply because of environmental hazards. If you are a victim of similar losses, let me tell you that you are not the only one. Although the sense of sharing the problem with others may be relieving, the thing that shall bother you is that you are missing out on the solution to prevent wheel damages. What is the solution, you ask? The answer lies in Ceramic coating on wheels.

Let me help you in familiarizing yourself with the process of applying this type of coating on wheels as you read on.

Ceramic coating on new BC Forged wheels

BC Forged Wheels are among the leading wheel manufacturer when it comes to high-end brands. Recently, we coated a set of brand-new BC forged wheels with our ceramic layer. Here is an in-depth look at how we got the job done.


Decontamination of rims


All the wheels are decontaminated and cleaned individually. Although the wheels are not exposed to roads, there are high chances of dust and contamination retention on the surface. A special cleaner is sprayed on the surface, and a damp cloth is used to clean every inch of the wheels.

Applying Ceramic Coating

Once the wheels are clean and dry, they are doused with the first ceramic layer. This solution is evenly spread across the face of the wheels, barrels, and crevices of the wheels. Another coat of ceramic layer is applied on the wheels after the first coat has cured.

Brand new rims protected!

In the end, all the wheels are protected by using this coating, packed in a box and dispatched to be distributed in the markets!

Ceramic Coating on Old wheels

Ceramic coating can be applied to both new and old wheels. Here is how we protect used wheels against environmental hazards and contaminants.

Removing and cleaning the wheels

We lift your car and carefully remove all the wheels. A unique solution and clean microfiber towels are used to decontaminate the wheels thoroughly. We also clean the brake calipers using steam. 

Applying ceramic coating

Once the wheels and brake calipers are cleaned and dried, we can install the ceramic layers one after the other. A specific drying interval will be needed before the application of the next coat.

After ceramic coating

Glossy, durable wheels are ready for you!

Glossy, clean, fresh, and durable wheels are your finished results! Our process extends the lifetime of the wheels by manifold.

Extend the life of your wheels today!

Would you like to get a high-quality ceramic coating on your vehicle’s wheels? You can find more information on our ceramic coating services by clicking here. The whole process of finding a reliable car detailing service provider for ceramic coat on your wheels can be intimidating, we know.

Fortunately, we’re an authorized xpel ceramic coating installer. We’ve coated for all the top brand manufacturers like ADV1 Wheels, HRE Wheels, ANRKY Wheels, Vossen Wheels, and VELGEN Wheels. Ready to protect your wheels? Book your appointment and get your wheels ceramic coated today!


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