Common Questions To Ask Your Window Tint Installer

At High-End Detail, we take calls all day long about various questions related to window tint. Therefore, we’ve created a single article to address some of the most common questions we receive. Take your time to browse through the article to understand a few of the crucial questions you should be asking your window tint installer.

Any professional window tinting service will have the answers to these questions ready to give you. In the event your window installer doesn’t have the answer to these questions, you might want to re-evaluate your choice in window tinting service provider.

What Is The Percentage Of Tint Allowed In My State?

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Even if you already know the answer to this question, it’s a good idea to test your window tint installer. At the very least, their response might bring up some additional information you weren’t aware of. If you’re looking for a window tint installer who understands their industry, this will be an easy question for them. However, don’t stop there. Probe your installer’s mind on the best window tint options for your specific vehicle.

What Brand of window film do you use?

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The ideal answer you want to receive to this question is, “The Best Available.” There is a myriad of window tinting materials on the market, and knowing the difference between them ensures your window tint installer knows his business. In addition to asking what materials they use, you might want to follow up that question with what the substance are the materials made of. You might already know from our previous blogs that nothing beats ceramic window tint films. Therefore, it’s a good idea to see what materials your installer is using.

How much Do You Charge For Window Tinting?

This may seem like an obvious question. For most people, it’s the first thing they ask. In today’s world, the value of a dollar is significant to us all. The price will oftentimes be the determining factor between what type of tint and which installer you choose. Keep in mind that price is often linked to quality. Therefore, if you love your vehicle, don’t always settle for the cheapest option. Sometimes it’s worth the investment to spend a tad bit more to ensure you get a quality window tint that stands the test of weather and time.

Do You Offer Any Tint Guarantee or Warranty?

This question is not asking your installer what happens if you scrape off your tint while using a razor to clean your windows. This question is asking if the installer will take responsibility should the tint come apart due to improper installation. Any professional window tint installer will understand that accidents happen. If strange things occur, will your installer help you correct the mishap? This is a sure sign that you’re dealing with a professional.

In short, always ask before you buy it. This will help clear up any confusion or future misunderstandings. Don’t hesitate to contact the High-End Detail team for any window tint questions you may have.


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