How Long Will My Window Tint Last?

This is a great question that we get asked all the time. Since there isn’t a straightforward answer, we’ve decided to create an article that addresses the subject in detail. Window tint is a pretty popular subject in Miami, and virtually anyone who loves their car gets it done. Similar to anything else you want to buy, the longevity of any product will be directly related to two factors, cost & quality.
When it comes to window tint, those factors also apply. Now that you have a basic understanding of how your window tint’s longevity is related to basic consumer principles of cost & quality let’s talk about some of the details.

What Are The Specific Variables That Impact My Window Tints Longevity?

There are a few essential factors you must consider before getting your windows tinted. Think about the brand of milk you purchase. Most people buy a specific brand of milk because it offers them exactly what they need. Maybe you buy 2% milk, or perhaps you’re an almond milk kind of person. The point is, you buy based on your needs. The factors that play into the longevity of your window tint are the type of film used, quality of installation, and how well you upkeep the material.

Window Tint Film

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There is a tremendous variety of tint materials on the market. As you would expect, they all come in varying qualities. The material you choose will significantly determine your tints longevity. At High-End Detail, we use the ​XPEL​ line of products, which can give you a lifetime warranty. Other lower quality products will last fewer than three years. Choose wisely because this will make a difference in your tint.

Tint Installation

Believe it or not, not all window tints are installed the same. While the process is standard, the installation’s quality is determined by the skill level of the installer. This also plays a significant role in determining how long your window tint will last. It doesn’t matter how high of a quality film you use, an improper installation will come apart as soon as the weather gets bad. A professional team like High-End Detail has installed thousands of window tints over the years and understands what mistakes to avoid and how to install the best tint possible properly.

Window Tint Upkeep

Realistically speaking, there isn’t much to upkeep when it comes to your window tint. You just have to keep in mind the things you should and shouldn’t do to your tint. As an example, we always use soft cleaning products to clean your windows. Abrasive compounds will inevitably eat away at your film. Remember to avoid potent chemicals and razors when cleaning things off your window. If you follow these basic guidelines, you can ensure you maximize the lifespan of your window tint. For more information on how to care for your tinted window, check out our blog ​car window tinting tips & tricks
Above all else, making sure you work with a professional installer is crucial. A team like the ​High-End Detail​ team will always use quality products and a perfected process to ensure your tint gets applied with precision.

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