Removing Hard Water Spots: Some useful tips

It’s happened to you. Parked in the wrong spot and all of a sudden, your car is full of hard water spots from a rogue sprinkler. These water spots can come from many places, even from a quick rain shower. They can be pretty annoying and yes, they can be hard to remove but. If you let them sit too long, you might need professional help to ensure you don’t damage the clear coat of your paint. We do this pretty often so, here are some tips.

Our Hard Water Removing Process:

  • Starting with a Chemical wash
  • Using distilled ph balanced water.
  • Proceed to a Chemical decontamination
  • We Safely dry your car with heated compressed air.
  • Perform a one-step polish to remove hard water spots
  • We carefully apply a polymer sealant layered with a synthetic wax.

The problem with hard water is that it contains minerals that etch into the surface of your car’s paint finish making it hard to remove with a simple wash.

Time is of the essence. Removing the hard water spots immediately after it has happened is going to be a lot easier than trying to remove it after it’s been allowed to sit in the hot sun for hours or days.

Starting with a foam bath to remove hard water
We start with a thorough foam bath that will remove grime and dust from your car.

In ou detail process, when we do the first step in the wash, it will help eliminate some of the minerals responsible for the hard water spots. As always, we recommend performing the wash in a shaded area – never in direct sunlight. While the products we are going to use are completely safe to use, heat from a hot surface or direct sunlight can turn something harmless like car soap into an amplified cleaner which can yield unknown results.

We then proceed to apply our solution with a spray bottle on to the affected paint finish allowing the mixture to work for up to 10 minutes. This method will help loosen the hard water minerals embedded in your car’s paint. This is similar to running your coffee maker with vinegar to remove the build-up of hard water minerals that accumulate.

After allowing to sit, we wash, clay and dry your car again to remove the cleaning solution. The minerals from the hard water will be gone at this point but we will take it a step further.

Polishing to remove water stains
We polish the surface of your car with our professional-grade Dual Action Orbital polisher paired with a foam pad. We then Repeat this process if necessary. Several passes might be required in order to completely remove the hard water spots.

Our polishes have special abrasives that will significantly reduce the appearance of the etch marks left by the hard water. It may also remove unsightly swirl marks from your paint. After this application, not only will the hard water spots be removed but your paint will look like it did the day you bought the car.

In order to dramatically reduce the harm hard water has on your car’s paint finish in the future, we apply a coat of our highly durable, polymer-based sealant/wax on the polished surface to protect and seal the finish.

Both sealants/wax offer protection against hard water as well as high temperatures, road grime, sap, bird droppings, road salt, ocean airborne salt, and UV rays. Having a protective layer of paint protectant is like having a shield around your paint finish helping to protect against future spray from sprinklers. Just keep in mind you still want to act fast and remove the hard water spots. For superior protection give our ceramic coating a look. Taking it to a superior level we strongly suggest our 10-year paint protection film.

Finished product after successfully removing water spots
Like new! No water spots or stains nowhere to be seen.

The key to removing hard water spots is to not let it stand too long. Especially in hot summer months. By Polishing & Waxing or better yet, a ceramic coating or paint protection film on your paint finish, you’ll buy yourself some time to wash the hard water away as soon as possible.
We also recommend carrying a bottle of a quick detailer spray such as our HD spray and a premium microfiber towel with you in your car in case you find it’s been attacked by rogue sprinklers or even bird droppings. A simple spray and wipe down will take care of the issue immediately before it becomes a problem


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