Miami Window Tinting Laws

Take a look at the most relevant & accurate Florida window tint laws for your vehicle.

Miami & the state of Florida have some of the most favorable window tinting laws in all of America. You may already know that each state in the country has its own individual set of window tint laws. These laws take the form of percentages of darkness and reflection you are allowed to have. Also, there are some other guidelines and rules you must be aware of if you are interested in getting your windows tinted in Miami.

Percentage of Window Tint Darkness

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The amount of visible light allowed to shine through your windows is technically referred to as VLT (Visible Light Transmission). Since Miami is in Florida, the state of Florida has set the limit for all cities within the state of Florida. For your front windows, the limit is 28% VLT, and 15% VLT for the back and rear windows.

Keep in mind that these percentages are reserved for regular, personal use vehicles. If you own a commercial vehicle or another multi-purpose vehicle like a commercial truck, the back and rear windows must have a 6% VLT. This is important to understand. As you may already know, all pickup trucks are considered commercial vehicles and must comply with the limits set for multi-purpose vehicles.

Allowable Window Tint Darkness For Sedans

Sedans are not subject to any special window tinting requirements and must follow the standard percentages we discussed above. Concerning your windshield, keep in mind that non-reflective tint is allowed only above the manufacturer’s AS-1 line. Any window tint below that AS-1 line is considered illegal without a specific exemption. You may obtain an exemption for this from your doctor or a medical professional if you suffer from light sensitivity. Here’s a quick recap of the percentages your sedan must follow.

●     Front Side windows: 28% VLT

●     Back Side windows: 15% VLT

●     Rear Window: 15% VLT

Allowable Window Tint Darkness for SUVs & Vans

Your SUV or Van has a separate window tinting guideline that must be followed. Because SUVs and Vans can be used for a variety of transportation purposes, they are considered multi-purpose vehicles. Remember, without an exemption from your doctor; you cannot go over these limits.

●     Front Side windows: 28% VLT

●     Back Side windows: 6% VLT

●     Rear Window: 6% VLT

Additional Window Tinting Rules

There are some other specific rules and regulations that you must follow. They typically address specific areas of your car. You may be interested in tinting out your vehicle’s side mirrors, adding unique colors, and selecting certain specialty brands of window tinting films. Here’s what you should know.

In Florida, you must have dual side mirrors if any portion of your back windows is tinted. Additionally, there are no restrictions put on any particular colors you want to tint your windows. At High End Detail, we use the XPEL brand of films, primarily XPEL XR & XR+, for a high performing, long-lasting tint. However, in Florida, there are now certificate restrictions on any brand of film you want to use.

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