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You’ve just purchased a new vehicle, and we’re going to assume that you’ll want it never to change. Your goal is to keep it looking like it did the day you bought it.

We can make that happen with our paint protection film. Your car deserves to have the best protection, a product that will guard it against nature’s fury. Clear bra is what your new car needs.  Not only can nature’s wrath decimate a vehicle’s appearance, but so can everyday driving.


3m paint protection film

Here are some essential details that you should know about paint protection film:

Automotive Protective Films are labeled many different names: Rock Chip Protection, Clear Bra, Invisible Shield, Clear Vinyl, Clear Wrap, Car Scratch Protective Film, and more.

The most typical terms for car protective films are commonly “Paint Protection Film” and “Clear Bra.” We’ll use those two terms interchangeably in this article.


Paint Protection Film is the most widespread form of protection you can put between your car’s paint and all of the earth’s elements. It will protect against most damages on your car’s appearance.

Paint Protection Film offers high impact resistance, which guards your car’s paint against rock chips and scratches  The urethane film also is resistant to decomposition and acidic pollutants. It creates a barrier of protection from chemical blemishes and etching induced by bug splatter, bird droppings or mineral deposits from acid rain.

PPF Paint Protection Film Application

With Paint Protection Film, your vehicle’s paint does not fade with exposure to the sun, and the film will guard your paint against oxidation caused by ultraviolet rays. It’s also “self-healing.” This is because the top layer is made of elastomeric polymers. The top layer returns to its natural shape after being stretched, scratched or disfigured.

nissan skyline r35 ppf


Paint Protection Film is a transparent, urethane material. Urethane technology was invented during the Vietnam War. In the mid-1950s,  the United States military began looking for a way to protect and extend the life of helicopter rotor blades. This is because U.S. helicopters were getting their rotor blades damaged  by flying debris during landing and take-off in the Vietnam jungles.

helicopters in vietnam

The U.S. Army partnered with 3M to develop a technology that would be featherweight, but strong and easily replaced at a fraction of the cost of replacing an entire rotor blade. In the 1970s, the military broadened the use of paint protection films to the noses of fighter jets. 3M still manufactures a variety of urethane films for military and aerospace purposes to this day.


In the 1980s, NASCAR saw how paint protection film could benefit its race cars. Advertisers were paying a lot of money to get their decals plastered on the front end of these fast cars, and they weren’t too keen on those decals peppered by rock chips. Professional racing teams applied the transparent protective film to the front end of their race cars for protection against track rubber, road debris and close contact driving.


During the 1990s, paint protection films became accessible to the general public for automotive protection. Fast forward to today, and the technology has continuously been re-tuned and upgraded. The popularity of the film was welcomed across the automotive industry. Today’s Paint Protection Films are OEM approved by just about all automotive manufacturers.

While 3M initially created PPF and eventually fine-tuned it for automotive applications, today several manufacturers offer PPF. Some of the leading PPF products offered to consumers include Suntek paint protectionXpel ultimate plusLlumar Platinum and 3M’s Pro Series line of PPF.


3m layers film

The clear bra provides advanced protection for exposed automotive surfaces. This thick eight mil (203 micron) polyurethane film is reinforced with a clear coat of hard-wearing urethane that offers additional protection from UV damage. It comes with a clear acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) on one side that adheres easily and securely to automotive paint systems and protects the paint beneath from damage.

The applications of urethane as a polymer are broad. For the benefit of your car, urethane serves as a central ingredient. A quality Paint Protection Film has at least one other layer. The top is lined with a clear coat made up of elastomeric polymers. As we mentioned above, this is the part that enables an excellent film to heal itself from small scratches. But it does much more. The clear coat on a good film will have low surface energy, which prevents organic compounds, like bugs or bird droppings, from bonding with the film.

In conclusion: Get Protected!

Paint protection film raises the bar. This technology provides an undisputed high gloss finish and improves impact protection for enhanced durability. Xpel Paint Protection Film is the most advanced paint protection film on the market. So when it comes to preserving your new vehicle looking new, Paint Protection Film is the most all-around and longest-lasting application.

If you have any additional comments, questions, or concerns,  visit our Paint Protection Film page. Fill out our contact form when you are ready to schedule an appointment.

You’ve now been introduced to Paint Protection Film. We hope this is just the beginning of a long and rewarding friendship!

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