Vehicle Headlight Restoration | Tips, tricks and benefits

Mesmerizing Vehicle Headlight restoration – Tips, tricks, and benefits!

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Don’t we hate our yellowed and worn out vehicle headlights which subtract the grace and elegance from our cars? Of course, we do. Currently, the only possible solution to combat the yellowed, dirty-looking front car lights is headlight restoration. Unfortunately, the internet does not provide us with enough amount of information regarding what goes on during a Headlight restoration. Resultantly, many people leave this vital aspect of auto-detailing undone. Thus, car owners end up making their vehicles look older and cheaper.
However, after reading this post, you will undoubtedly find a solution and will spend no more time in getting your vehicle’s headlights fixed again.

Indicators of Headlight Damage:

The headlights of our vehicles consist of Polycarbonate that breaks down due to direct exposure to sunlight. The product of this break down is what protects the lights. However, over time, this breakdown product makes the headlights hazy and yellowish – these are the most significant indicators of headlight damage.

Vehicle Headlight Restoration Benefits: New Look!

Restoration of old headlights makes them look like they are freshly installed. It adds to the beauty and elegance of the vehicle and ensures a higher resale value.

Our restoration adds 3m’s protective film over them. Plastic gets broken down by the sun, and only this protective film ensures no damages to the actual headlight and increases their life-span.

Vehicle Headlight Restoration Method


We remove the broken down material and clean the headlights of any waste that’s causing blurriness. Then we remove the scratches from the light using different grit sandpaper

Rubbing Compound Buffing

Now after the sanding process is complete, we use the rubbing compounds and polish them in a circular motion to get rid of any scratches of haze that is left.

 Fine polishing

Next is a polishing step that finalizes the restoration process. The headlights will look newer and cleaner than ever before.

3M Scotch guard Pro Paint Protection Film

The last and essential step is the application of the 3M Scotchgard pro paint protection film. The film has a warranty backed by 3m for up to ten years. Its purpose is to add and protect your vehicle’s headlights for more than ten years and prevent consistent degradation regardless of the harsh weather.

3M Certified Installer

Check out our amazing services!

Now that you have the details about our Vehicle Headlight restoration and its benefits, it’s the time to get yours restored. Put your trust in High-End Detail services, and get your work done. Getting your vehicle’s headlights repaired by us will offer you the benefit of a 3m paint protection film that protects your lights for a longer time. Not to mention that the 3M film comes with a warranty to ensure that you don’t have to worry about getting your car’s headlights restored every other month!


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