What Color Car Needs to Be Detailed More Often

If you’re looking to limit the amount of washing and vehicle maintenance your car will require, you should consider selecting a car color outside the options of your favorites. Some car colors need regular detailing than others. You may find yourself on a constant journey to the auto detailing shop with these car colors:


We all agree that there’s something about driving a black car! Nothing compares to the killer look it has when it just leaves the auto detailing shop. Black may look super cool, but that coolness would come at a cost. To own a black car is to sign up for frequent auto detailing trips. For clothes and shoes, black might be a great choice, barely shows stains, relatively easy to maintain, doesn’t need to be washed often. But, black tends to make scratches, dust, and dirt on the car’s body visible when it comes to cars. Even if you just had detailing done, be prepared to see dirt again a few days later. Although it may not seem like it, lighter colors like white and blue do not need constant detailing. 


Red is such a vibrant color, you may love it for your shoes and clothes, but when it comes to cars, you should understand that a red car will send you to the auto detailing shop often. A red car will show scratches, dust, debris, and every car flaw you can think of. 


Although not as challenging to keep clean as black, metallic blue is a close second. It will also soak up UV rays just as a black car would. UV ray is known to be the number one cause of a cars quick fade. When it comes to dust and swirl marks, metallic blue is a magnet! 


Metallic burgundy is definitely among the list of emotionally charged colors. Dark colors show a depth of paint like no other lighter color can. Which is why car owners love it and hate it? Burgundy is not off the list of cars that need to be detailed often. It is almost as tricky as black, subject to high heat transfer from suns UV rays, and prone to show all the paint blemishes and imperfections.

When detailed to perfection, these colors can be real head-turners, but to get that brilliant shiny look, they will require you to visit the auto detailing shop more often than you usually should. If you still want to take the risk and go for any of these colors, then the professionals at high end detail will take care of all your detailing needs. 


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