Which Car Tinting Material Is Perfect For You?

Car tinting your windows is a superb way to enhance your driving experience while also protecting your skin from cancer-causing UV radiation. Additionally, it doesn’t hurt that car tinting gives your overall vehicle a sexy look you just can’t deny. Even so, there are many different options, and determining which is best for you can seem like a challenge. That’s why we’ve developed a quick guide for you to understand the types of car tinting materials on the market. Read over the article before making your choice. It will help you in understanding your options.

Color Car Tinting

The first up on our list is the highly searched color option. Colored window tints are by far the cheapest option when it comes to window tint. In addition to protecting your vehicle from the sun, it will provide privacy just like all the other forms of tints. So why is it the cheapest form? When it comes to car tints and protecting the sun’s heat from beaming in on you, there are better options on the market.

Metalized Window Tint

You may have not heard of this option before. Metal window tint is a fantastic option to choose if minimizing heat is your priority. If you’re trying to keep those expensive fabrics from getting damaged by the sun, you may want to consider a metalized window tint. This type of film uses tiny metallic particles to deflect the sun and block light from entering into your car. It also improves the shatter & scratch resistance of your vehicle.

Hybrid Car Tinting

This is a relatively new tint film that gives you the best of both worlds. It combines some colored aspects along with a metalized attribute to both deliver color and sunlight reflection. The hybrid option is not as colorful or reflective as either the color film or metal film on its own, but it does provide your vehicle’s tint with a dynamic multi-purpose ability to provide strong UV and heat protection.

Carbon Car Tinting

If you’re looking for an incredibly long-lasting tint, you might want to consider a carbon film. This is a dramatically different tinting process that delivers a sleek matte-finish over your car windows. It’s known to inhibit 40% of harmful UV radiation from entering your vehicle. If you spend significant time driving, this can greatly reduce your exposure to the sun’s harmful cancer-causing rays while adding a specific style that will add value to your vehicle.

Ceramic Car Tinting

Ceramic films are known to be an extremely versatile material that can be applied to the entire car, not just your windows. Furthermore, ceramic car tinting is one of the highest quality of car tints and even blocks more heat and UV radiation than any other option. Additionally, ceramic car tinting will protect any electronic devices in your vehicle from the risk of overheating due to the furious force of the sun. 

Still not sure about what type of car tinting material is best for you? Give the team at High End Detail a call to help you make a decision.


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