Add Value to Your Vehicle with Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Coating

You can protect the investment you’ve made in your vehicle by doubling the protection on your vehicle’s surface with both ceramic coating and paint protection film (also called “clear bra”).

Driving a shiny new car off the lot is an amazing feeling – until you think about the paint damage that begins almost immediately from road dust, gravel and debris, bugs, the sun, salt and everything else that touches your vehicle. Here’s a detailed look at how you can protect your investment.

How can you prevent paint damage on your car?

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Paint protection film and ceramic coating work together to keep your car’s paint in like-new condition, preserving both the beauty and the value of the vehicle. Even if your car is not brand-new, both car paint protection film and ceramic coating can be applied after a thorough cleaning and paint restoration process.

To install either paint protection film or ceramic coating, the vehicle must be properly prepared. If you’re going to that level of detail to preserve and protect your paint, why not add both layers of protection at the same time for the absolute best paint protection and high-end shine?

What is Paint Protection Film?

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Car paint protection film, also called PPF or “clear bra,” is an extremely durable, clear film designed to protect your car against the elements. It is designed to prevent rock chips, small scratches, chemical staining and etching, swirl marks, water spots, oxidation and fading, and it is self-healing and long-lasting. Car protection film can be installed over the entire vehicle or in the most damage-prone areas such as the front bumper, hood, fenders, side mirrors, rocker panels, and rear wheel arch.

Paint Protection Film must be installed by a professional paint protection film installer. High End Detail in Miami uses only Xp-el Scotchguard Paint Protection Film Pro Series, also known as Xpel Clear Bra. This 8-millimeter thick film is maintenance-free and can be safely removed and replaced. Xpel Paint Protection Film is backed with a 10-year warranty and provides exceptional clarity and protection against rock chips and other debris. And because it protects vehicle value so well, Xpel paint protection film is included on CARFAX® vehicle reports.

Xpel clear bra helps protect your resale value, provides a thick layer of protection, is resistant to most chemicals, intensifies the look of the paint, is backed by a strong warranty and can be installed on the entire vehicle or on high traffic areas. For more information, check out 7 Reasons to Install Clear Bra.

What is Ceramic Coating?

Auto Ceramic Coating is a liquid polymer coating that is applied by hand to create a permanent or semi-permanent bond with the vehicle’s paint. It provides a high-performance layer of protection against the elements, environmental contaminants and UV rays. By adding gloss and enhancing the depth and clarity of your car’s paint, ceramic paint coating adds value to your vehicle while preserving its appearance.

The best ceramic coating for cars also makes them easier to clean. The ceramic coating seals the paint, creating a hydrophobic and chemically resistant surface that dirt and grime have a harder time bonding with. Usually, all it takes it a good spray with water to remove any dirt that does adhere, and the hydrophobic properties in the ceramic coating cause the water to bead up or sheet off the surfaces.

To ensure an optimal result, applying ceramic coating is a detailed process that should only be done by a professional. High End Detail applies Opticoat Pro, a industry leader in ceramic car care products for interior and exterior. In addition to paint protection, High End Detail and Opticoat Pro offer ceramic tint coating and coatings for metal, plastic and fabric trim. There are even benefits to ceramic coating your wheels.

How do Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Coating Work Together?

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For the maximum paint protection and preservation for your car, there are many good reasons to have both paint protection film and ceramic coating applied to your vehicle. Both car protection film types provide some of the same protective properties, while excelling in different areas.

Car protection film is thicker and provides superior protection against rock and gravel chips and scratches, while ceramic coating provides additional shine and dirt and contaminant resistance. Because the best ceramic coating is permanent and bonds with the vehicle’s paint when applied directly, Josue Recinos of High End Detail recommends applying paint protection film first, then the ceramic coating for cars. This provides the superior self-healing protection against chips and scratches from the film, with the maintenance-free wax-like shine and strength of the ceramic coat.

Paint protection film and ceramic coating work together to provide the ultimate protection for your car so you can enjoy driving it without worrying about paint damage.

How much does paint protection cost?

The cost of paint protection film and ceramic coating cost both depend on several factors. The size, shape and color of your car is factored in, as well as the condition. There is no point in protecting paint that isn’t in optimal condition, so some paint correction is needed on almost every vehicle. Even brand-new cars may have swirls in the paint from improper washing at the dealership and need some correction.

The amount of area to be covered is also important. You can choose to cover the entire vehicle with paint protection film or just the most damage-prone areas.

For more information on pricing, see How Much does Paint Protection Film Cost and How is Ceramic Coating Priced: A Detailed Explanation. For an estimate on giving your car the ultimate protection with paint protection film and ceramic coating, contact High End Detail at (786) 370-7838.

If you are outside the Miami/Dade area, Xpel offers an online directory to search for paint protection film installers near you.


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